dj mak

Dj Mak, born in 1986, grew up in West Brussels. His father, himself dj in the 80s, leaves him an impressive collection of vinyls. Mak began to become enthusiastic about funk and hip hop culture.

He began his career in 1998 with the Breakdance. Then, more interested one year later in “Djing”. It was then in 2000 that Mak acquired his first turntables. In 2002, the group of rap Molenbeekois “West Zone” was born: Dj Mak. The title “C’est la West zone frère” is a cartoon on all Belgian radio stations.

After intense training in 2005, the House’NB Crew was born. Dj Mak & Dj Daleo, the duet become inseparable, create a new style never seen before: La House’NB (Rnb on a house rhythm, 4 live turntables, scratch, 1 mc, show …). The first compilation comes out in 2006, and in 1 month already the stock was exhausted …

Currently, they are in their 5th compile with a growing success. The radios and the famous clubs of the Belgian capital are interested in this concept and begin to open the doors to them. Since that time, an international career begins to open to him with shows in France, Switzerland, Egypt, Lebanon, Romania, … and it is not finished yet! Today, Dj Mak advances in a solo career and is noticed thanks to its unique style and dynamism …