Kenny Laboriel, professionally known as K-WIZ, is an Emmy-Award winning, and extraordinary Hip Hop and R&B producer/songwriter with countless credits to his name, spanning the biggest names in all genres of the Entertainment industry. With the likes of Ice T, Jurassic 5, and Joseph Gordon Levitt, as well as his partnership with Grammy Award Winning Producers, The Avila Brothers under his belt, K-WIZs talents and wide appreciation for music speak for themselves through his musical creations.

The 5th child of six children in a talented musical family, Kenny Laboriel was born on December 26th, 1976 in Brooklyn, New York to Santiago and Aida Laboriel, immigrants from Honduras. The Laboriel Family moved to Los Angeles, California in the spring of 1979 for better career opportunities. Santiago introduced the piano to Kenny’s growing love for music, which propelled Kenny’s interest and passion for creating his own sound.

During his stint in the rap group, Trails of Flowalistics, K-WIZ really began to appreciate the art of crafting his own music, which led to a natural shift from writing lyrics to making beats. As a member under the Ice T tent-pole, K-WIZ produced tracks for Ice T’s “Six” and “Seven Deadly Sins” albums, and garnered tracks for Xzibit, The Alkaholics, Akil of Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, and Ras Kass along the way. His success in Hip Hop not withstanding, K-WIZ has also ventured into R&B with a remix for MJJs Brownstone, commercials for PEPSI, as well as partnering up with Grammy Award Winning, The Avila Brothers on multiple projects.

Furthermore, K-Wiz has ventured into the realm of film/television/social media with credits for the TV show, Entourage (HBO), the Emmy-winning inaugural season of HitRECord on TV (Pivot), as well as soundtrack production for the “short” and “feature” version of the film, Trials and Tribulations (currently in post-production). Currently, with a scheduled release from rapper AMG, K-WIZ is diligently creating music with the Avila Brothers as an in-house producer for their production company.

With many endeavors and projects on the horizon, including his brother’s Ramon Santiago project, and the upcoming second season of HitRECord on TV, K-WIZ is fast-tracking himself as a hot commodity in the Entertainment industry.



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