A DJ and producer for more than ten years, Submission DJ has gone through several styles duringt his career, and has won numerous awards in DeejayMags, DJOners and Vicious Magazine in different categories.

The Submission DJ sessions are energetic and could be said to be unique. Utilizing themes and mashups that present a clear and unique intention: the fun of the people. This makes his performances reach a very high level of exclusivity when entertaining.

Currently residing in one of the most known Music Resorts in the whole Peninsula, Wonderwall, which hosts parties with the best brands in the national scene.

He will be one of the responsible for putting the soundtrack in the new Florida Retiro complex in Madrid, an ambitious project that aspires to be a cultural and especially gastronomic referent in the capital.

Submission DJ has published great hits for record labels such as Pacha Rercordings, Kms Records, Pornographic Recordings, Black and White, We Love Asere, Clippers Sounds, Bootylicius or Vendetta to name a few, returning their tracks to numerous charts and programs. Radio of recognized world-wide prestige, like the Release Yourself of Roger Sanchez, being one of the DJs invited to the program realizing a session in radioshow.

One of his last works, “Stay With Me,” a collaboration with Marsal Ventura, was 3 months at the top of Itunes, and was #1 on Flaix for 3 consecutive weeks.

Submission DJ has also been remixed by world-class producers such as Cristian Varela, Dr. Kucho, Nick & Danny Chatelain, Jessy García, Jerry Ropero and Stefano Pain, among others.