After some carefully crafted tweaking, Serato has finally taken the training wheels off Serato DJ 1.9.3, and opened the door to a synergy just waiting to be properly tapped: the ability to link across platforms (most notably with Ableton Live).

Stalwart Serato fans will recall that Ableton Live integration in Serato DJ is nothing new (remember The Bridge?), but this go-around, it’s a LOT simpler — the tempo between Serato DJ and Ableton easily syncs, along with other apps connected to Ableton Link, to allow you to spin tunes in Serato, along with your Live project, on time and in phrase.

Version 1.9.3 also sees the Serato Sampler getting a welcome upgrade and the added ability to natively support the Roland DJ-808 controller.

New features and improvements at a glance:

  • Support for Ableton Live.
  • The Serato Sampler has been updated from the classic SP-6, now with an additional two slots, as well as a number of changes to the design for better usability.
  • Support for the Roland DJ-808 controller.
  • Bundled driver updates, providing El Capitan support for the Rane SL 2, SL 3 and SL 4. More info about OS X Sierra support.
  • An improved and refreshed look for MIDI mapping.
  • Various bug fixes, changes and stability improvements.

The good news: Now that Serato has link, it’s just a question of time before everyone follows suit and the DJ world becomes an open-source wonderland of shared digital information.

The bad news: We’re pretty sure this is how SkyNet becomes self-aware.

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